Looking at these goals, 80/20 principles at work.

So, if I look at these 10 goals, only 20 percent of them are going to do mee the most good right now. The other 80 percent can either wait for a different time, or be taken off the list, or replaced altogether.

So, let me see. Right now good grades are important, since I want to get scholarship, and really learn the subjects I’m taking. I’m too old just to study for grades. I want to retain the things I’m learning. Ok, so my first goal will be the ‘A’s in class. I am enjoying the onlines, but I’m not sure how well I’m doing. I read everyday for one in each class. That has sufficed so far.

I can’t decide beteween learning phlbetomy, to earn some money, and possibly get in on ground level in hospital. I want to be a very good nurse, and being able to do  quick venipuncture, may be good for the people I want to treat.

Or, losing the weight that would help me be healthy, and maybe be smarter. I do want to live long enough to do this five year plan. You know, know that I think about it, I want to be a good example to the people who see my in daily life, and the people I’ll be treating. But I gained back 2 pounds of the weight I lost. Sheesh. I think I want to avoid this goal because it’s harder than the rest of the goals put together and is the best one for me to do. Okay, this may be goal number one. I really hate to admit that.

Take it easy.


About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

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