I got my Kindle, and I love it!

Oh, man, this device does a lot of things I really like. I have 57 books on it, mostly free. Things I probably would not have paid for. Some books I would and did pay for, and I can get rid of the books I have in my closet. I love the freedom of the Kindle. I drove up to visit my son yesterday, and I listened to A Fist of Iron. Good book, price, free. Ha! Also, I downloaded two books on grammer. No avoiding that study now. 

Take care, all


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Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

One Response to I got my Kindle, and I love it!

  1. Vita Reid says:

    Hi beth, how cool that you’ve got the Kindle. As soon as I rid myself of the remaining books in my arsenal, I’m going to buy it. I can’t way.

    Check out my new post on The One Minute Minimalist. If you’d like receive post updates, you can also subscribe.

    This post is one of my favorites as it talks about how to keep that clutter from coming back.

    Have fun with your Kindle.

    Vita Rei

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