Someday I’d like to live in a very small house, or perhaps a van.

I don’t have many things, and as you know, I want to travel. So I’m keep my stuff down to a minimum. I regularly read blogs where the writer has less than 100 things. I love a challenge like that. Other than 3 sets of clothes, my laptop, my smart pen, and my kindle, it’s all up for grabs. I have a truck, and that’ll be going soon. Maybe. I’ll still need access to a town nearby to go to school. I don’t need to shoot myself in the foot to have an arbitrary number of things.

 I read blogs on small houses. I love the look of the Tumbleweed houses.  The smaller the better, that’s how I feel. I like the 87 square foot house, but my favorite is the Weebee. It’s a compact 102 square feet. The site has homes up to 800 or so sq. feet, but I want a teeny tiny house.

I was thinking I can volunteer at Habitat for Humanity when it warms up. I can sharpen my skills before I jump into making a Tumbleweed of my own.

I’m not at a total loss on how to build a building. I’ve helped take down two airplane hangars at a small nearby airport for the use of the building materials. Then after the hangar take down, I helped to build a barn on my property. I don’t really want to build that large of a building again. But something small… I’m interested.

However, I’m also interested in van living. I can’t drive by this nearby car lot without craning my neck to look at the van. It’s nice looking, but can I fit a twin mattress in it? I’m going to have to stop by soon. Just to satisfy my curiosity.

Both these ways of living enthrall me. I look at my room, and I have way too much space for one person. That’s what happens when you pare down you possessions. You end up with a lot of space.

Take care, Beth

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