We finally have been snowed upon. It’s melted a bit, but there is still plenty out there. I walked over to pick up my taxes to mail, and the roads were clear. It seemed pretty warm, too. I was walking back, and I only fell once. I thought a shortcut would be a good idea. It would get me out of traffic. The short cut was though a very deep ditch. I tumbled down one side of it. However, all my baby carrying skills came in handy. I was able to keep my tax papers high and dry.

I was reading on the eBay yesterday because  I was trying to get van ideas. I’m thinking about a VW micro bus. I love the look of them. If  I want stealth, the VW might not be the best choice. I think you can see in because of all the windows. Even with curtains. So it’s back to a cargo van at this point. although I won’t be making any car/van buying moves for sometime yet.

I was up and at ’em early today. I got all my usual chores done. I want to do a bit of A&P studying, then the TEAS studying. I downloaded my smart pen, so I can listen to the lung lecture. I read the chapter, but it’s really not clear until I hear it again. It seems I need all the recourses I can muster. Hey, I’m good with that.

I came across the Space 1999 convention. Space 1999 was a sci-fi show that came out in the mid 70’s. I loved the show. I really think I’d like to go. I went to the convention 10 years ago. It was a wonderful time. This time it’s in Texas. I’ll see what’s what.

Take care, keep dreaming. Get those goals!


About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

4 Responses to Snow!

  1. Vita Reid says:

    Hi Beth,

    High five for keeping the taxes high and dry. And you managed to escape injury. Well done.

    We got a lot of snow here too, since many people have not shoveled, its a sheet of ice here.

    Another inch or two is in the forecast for Monday.

    Best wishes to you on your journey.

    Vita Reid
    The One Minute Minimalist

  2. Sarah says:

    Mad skillz yo. Thanks for saving my taxes from a horrible fate!

    When is the Space 1999 convention? I think you’re the one who should move to Texas, not me! Everything you want to do seems to be located there.

  3. The Space 1999 con is 16-18 July.All the fun stuff happens when it’s hot as blue blazes. Which I guess is most of the time. Texas it is! Wagons-ho!

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