Trying different approaches to studying

I have an A&P class tonight, We are studying the respiratory system. Friday, I read one hour of the chapter in our textbook. Tough stuff. That gas exchange has a lot of chemistry components.

 Saturday, I reread some of the hard stuff, with no more understanding that than I had before. No problem.I then listened to my smart pen class lecture.  I have more familiarity with what I need to know.

 Sunday I listened to the respitory system from Anatomy and physiology for Dummies on my kindle. It does a good job explaining. Not really easier, just different.

Monday, I looked up pathology fo the respiratory system. Very interesting stuff. Did you know fungus can grow in the lungs? Me neither. I looked at the histology (cell sized) of lung tissue, and of regular sized pictures of diseased lungs.

 Today, I’ll draw the lungs and other aspects of the respiratory system. So when I go to class to-night, I’ll have the best possible idea of what  questions to ask my professor.

I want a good understanding of what I’m learning. I know it’s key to becoming a good nurse. Learning all I can, every way I can.

The weather is much better here today, and the post office is open, so I’m going to walk on over and mail my taxes. I need to get that going so I have money for you, know, stuff. Oh, wait, I try not to own too much stuff. Let’s just say, I’ll use the money for a little thing I like to call ‘mortgage’.

Take care!  Beth

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One Response to Trying different approaches to studying

  1. Vita Reid says:

    lol … “a little thing call ‘mortgage.’ Nice. Good luck with your class tonight … your studies seem to be quite challenge … but I know you can handle it.

    Good luck and happy studying!

    Vita Reid – The One Minute Minimalist

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