Goals of the month

Here are my new ten goals:

1.Pay my mortgage for the next six months on both my houses. Possibly get a new rental agency for my rental house. Change rooms around in the house I live in.

2. Get all ‘A’s in school. That’s a tough one, but I like a challenge.  B term classes start March 5th. I’m only taking one class now. For B term, March-May, I’ll be up to three. A&P2, Algebra, and Developmental Psychology. I really like the shorter classes better.

3. Teach all mye kids how to live independent lives. I have three sons that need lessons in budgeting, menu making, and cooking. No time like the present.

4. Write in my blog 5 times a week.

5. Sell the truck, and get a better vehicle. Thanks to my daughter for helping me spell vehicle last night. I had written vec, and I was waiting for the rest. She told me, veh. I said, okay, I’ve got it, what’s next. She’d repeat VEH… Finally I saw the problem. I saw vec as veh. I think algebra might be more of a problem than I think.   I see one thing and think it’s another. This might explain a lot of thing in my life, actually.

6. Get up and get dressed right away. Nap later in the day then 10 a.m. Like maybe 2p.m. I’m still going to nap, rest assured. Just not so early.

7. Walk before I do my homework. I’m reading this book called Brain Rules by John Medina. He suggests that we do better by walking, since our ancestors walked 12 miles a day, just to live, and that where they worked out their problems. On foot. So, I’ll give that a try. I will try a lot of things to do better at learning.

8. Keep my area neat. It really does help me think. Minimalist living helps my brain. How easy is that?

9. Decide if I really am going anywhere this summer. If not, I’ll consider what classes I’d like to take this summer. Time to start thinking about it.

10. Be at peace.

Take care, all!


About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

2 Responses to Goals of the month

  1. Vita Reid says:

    Hi Beth,

    1. I really enjoyed today’s post. I especially liked the notion of teaching your boys how to take care of themselves in every respect. Children should develop as many life skills as they are capable of executing.

    2. You know what, from now on … starting tonight I going to prepare a list of goals. I’m going to starting getting dressed as soon as I awaken. As soon as the snow melts, I’m going to walk as much as possible.

    3. I’m going to commit to post new blogs 3 times per week. I’m quite impressed that you are posting five. That’s pretty cool.

    Best wishes to you. Peace and love.

    Vita Reid – The One Minute Minimalist.

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha, it was rather amusing spelling for you last night. But as long as you know how to save someone’s life, I don’t think too many people are going to worry about a spelling problem.

    And I have a friend that gave up napping for lent. Can you imagine?! I toyed with the idea and immediately discarded it. Napping is my lifeblood.

    Good luck with your goals! They’re all good ones.

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