New thought on my goals

I think that goal number 10 might actually be the most important one of all. Be at peace. All the other goals I have point towards that goal in one way or another.

1. Pay my mortgage for the next six months? When I look at that one, in my mind, I think minimalistally. What do I really need? Not just want, but need? How can we as a family here, live even more frugally so our money can go father. I’m the head of the household, so that stress is all mine.  What helps me get peace with it, is to apply for student loans, and do what I can to make sure we are not bleeding money.

2. Get all ‘A’s’ in school. That’s a tough one, but if I do, I stand a far better chance of getting into nursing school, which will relive some of the money worry. I’ll be able to get another kind of school loan. And for many years I was competent, but very underpaid. I felt like I just  did not deserve any more than the pittance I made. Well, I feel with an RN it’s validation for me.

3. Teach the boys to be independent. That has so much value. they’ll take themselves more seriously. Perhaps, they won’t fall for just anything. I’ll have peace over that one for sure.

4. Write in this blog 5 times a week. One, because I just like to. Two, because writing publically helps me stay on target. Somewhat.

5. Get a better vehicle. Peace of mind, right there. I hate breaking down. ultimately, I want to be able to walk everywhere. I get a lot of peace from that. Moving meditation.

The rest of the goals tomorrow. I have a walk though on the rental house I own Monday morning,  that should be interesting.

Take care, Beth

About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

One Response to New thought on my goals

  1. Sarah says:

    There’s a ton to be said for being at peace with yourself and your life. If you want, we can sit down and write out every single expense and every single place the money goes to. Having a crystal clear idea of it (throughout the entire family, and not just you) will maybe relieve some of that stress. At the very least, it will show us problem areas and then we can figure out what to do to fix them. I think we’re getting way better in the food area though.

    And I hear you on the car! They are money-drainers even at the best of times, and I can’t wait to not have to have one!

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