The other five goals

I’m sitting in my nice clean living room. It has a nice wood floor, and an old dresser holding up the TV set. A couple of wicker chairs and a nice leather couch. A couple of other odds and ends. I like its minimlist look. the place pleases me. for many years, I did not have it this good. Having a plan has helped me get here. I love a plan, and I love when it works.

Goal number six. Get up and don’t waste time getting dressed. The weekend came, and I failed at this one. however, it’s Monday, and I’m on it! I’ll be taking my son’s uniform over to the cleaners to get military presses in it. That is one way neither of us has to worry about getting the lines right. When I’m up and at ’em, I get more done. Not rocket science, I know, but I need the physical reminder, not to be lazy. Getting dressed does it for me.

7. GET TO WALKING! I think I may have walked all of 10 miles since I started this blog. Not that great for studying. After I run errands this morning, before I study, I’ll walk. or maybe rake the yard of all the pine cones that came down in the storm. Some kind of exercise.

8. Keep my area neat. I’ve been coughing a lot. I booted the sweet cat out of my room, and I’ve been swiffering the floor daily. I still cough at night, but not so much during the day. it’s getting better. And I don’t have very much in my room. That makes it easy to switch my room around. I do that about once a month. I need to see if facing one way or another it better or worse for sleep.

9. I am not going anywhere this summer. I’d really love to, but I really have to count pennies at this point. So I’ll take half time school, probably. I need to see what’s offered, and see if I need or want the classes. I think because I’m not getting financial aid over the summer, that I can take classes I want, and don’t ‘need’ for my degree. I’ll think that one over. The classes I’d want are in the next town over, and I’m not sure I want to drive daily over the summer. Watching the cash flow, ya’ know?

10. Be at peace. This is so critical. I’m trying to be much  more aware of myself. What does it mean to be me? What is peaceful to me? What is crazy making to me, and how do I stay far from it? I like the freedom I have. I like to make decisions, and learn from them. I’m having a very good life.

I hope you are, too.

Take care, Beth

About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

2 Responses to The other five goals

  1. Vita Reid says:

    Another five goals … and nice ones to boot. For the life of me I have not disciplined my mine to prepare goals and then stick with them.

    1. Get up and get dressed first thing. I’m going to that beginning tomorrow. This will prepare me for a great day.

    2. The 6 feet of Philadelphia snow has finally melted and the sidewalks are clear for the most part. I will be walking tomorrow …

    3. I’m still in the process of downsizing my abode. Six to seven boxes of books will be leaving my apartment tomorrow. I’m so excited.

    4. Neatness is a beautiful thing is so conducive to peace and tranquility. That is one thing I look forward to when my apartment is bare.

    This is a very nice post … I am going to try really really hard to prepare a set of goals and follow them. I’ll write the goals first and then act them out, not necessarily on the same day.

    Many thanks for assisting me with goal-setting … I will be improving in this area this year.

    Best wishes to you Beth … this is a very nice post.

    Vita Reid – The One Minute Minimalist

  2. Hi, Vita. Thanks for reading. May I recommend I book I found very helpful? It’s called Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy. It’s 22 ways to get the job done. He’s also written other books on goals. I’d consider him a must read.
    Excellent job on getting rid of six or seven boxes of books. That’s just huge!
    Take care, Beth

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