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As I grow, I get more discerning in my choices of blogs. I subscribe to a lot of them, on various subjects. All well and good, you say? It is. but one thing I’m doing is paring down. That means the blogs I read, too. I’ll have three or so, on a topic of interest. Then I’ll look at the blogs, and think, is there anyway I’m really going to cook what’s on that foodies blog? The truth is no, I’m not. I cook as little as possible, and the blogs just make me hungry. So out they go. I’m not getting rid of them to get rid of them. This is not mindless. What happens is that I feel a drag on my mind time if I have projects I’m never going to do. The projects, whatever they may be, call out to me. So for the time being, until I’m ready for projects beyond school, I’m dropping ones that haunt me. I’d like to live in a van, but the time is not right. So all vandwellers feeds are out. They will be there when I’m ready, and can concentrate on them. It keeps my mind clear. I’m not pulled in so many directions.

If the blog is not updated frequently, I drop it, too. I like to read current content. So many things change with the speed of light, I’d rather read now stuff, instead of things written in 2007. Some of the content will always be pertinent, like gardening, and some of the things I read, like nursing, won’t be. No problem. Part of my journey is to figure out where I am, and be the best right there. that does not mean dilute myself with things, whether they are things or information.

Take care, and keep thinking!


About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

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