This morning, I’m only going to read five things online before I start my day.

I notice that I spend a lot of time on the computer doing a lot of nothing. I probably don’t need to read a newspaper from a town I lived in 19 years ago. I mean,what meaning can it really have to me? I’ll tell you what meaning it has, it keeps me from what I need to be doing. Like homework, or house work, or putting marl in the driveway. Fake stuff is keeping me from real stuff. I want to really take a good look at how I waste my time, while seeming to be doing something worthwhile. So, starting today, I’m only going to read five things online in the morning before I start my real stuff. That’s instead of five hours of reading online.

I got nine books from the library yesterday. I would rather read junk online than Algebra Demystified. well, I guess, to be fair, who wouldn’t? but the thing is, if I go into my algebra class with some background, I can pass the class and move on with my plan. That would only take eight weeks. Eight weeks! I have dreaded that class since I was in high school. I can get that off my back, never to worry about again, if I put some time into it now. doing the pre-work will free me of math, which has been such a burden to me all these years. It has keep my from school. it has kept me in low paying jobs, because I thought I didn’t have the smarts tp go any further in school that a welding diploma. And I never even used that. Algebra and the very thought of higher math has been a shackle to me. Time to get focused, stop making excuses, and learn what I can.

Wish me luck. I’m off to dig into this math book. Oh, and it’s PRE algrebra first. I was too embarrassed to write that. algebra is later this week.

Take care! Beth

About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

One Response to This morning, I’m only going to read five things online before I start my day.

  1. Sarah says:

    Everybody’s got something that holds them back. Luckily, your something can be banished after this one class. And think how great that will feel!

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