I’m going to build the raised garden today. Or at least get the stuff.

I’m off to get the stuff I need for the square foot garden. I’ll need a couple of 2×6’s and some garden cloth. Also some dirt and vermicuilte. It’s been wonderful weather for the past couple of days. I want to get my cool stuff in the ground before it’s too late. We can go from cold to hot here in a few days. So it’s time to get the spinach in, and the onions, and broccoli.

After I get all dirty, then I’ll study for class. We’re doing the digestive system, so today’s work kind of goes hand and hand with that, wouldn’t you say?

I read this nice blog entry on how to eat on only 36 dollars a week. I doubt I’ll give it a try. I hate beans. Except Bushes Baked Beans. those are pretty good. I have a bag of lentils in the pantry that I bought last time i read an entry like that. And a bag of polenta from the time before. if I don’t eat real cheap this time, I’m getting rid of them. Seeing as I probably never will eat them.

The garden will be a way for me to think I’m doing my best to eat cheap. But, really, fifty dollars or so to get the garden set up, is not cheap. However, if I use the bed year after year, it’ll be okay. And I don’t think It’ll be that much anyway. Just a guess. I’ll know in an hour.

Take care, all!


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