Hello Twitter Folk!

I really am enjoying your twits online. I’m learning a ton. It’s my new favorite thing. Besides studying for the A&P and nursing career ahead of me.

I found a very nice apartment with outstanding amenities. Hey, free coffee? I am so there. The place has a pool, weight room, internet cafe, free printing, both black and white and color. There’s a theater with a 105 inch screen and 24 seat, on three levels. Too cool.

 So I can sell my printer, and my coffee maker. I’ll save myself 40 bucks a month on working out, and swimming. The place is dog friendly, too. Not that big of a deal one way or another, since I have a cat. However my friends have dogs. The management told my buddy she could drop her dog sitting cards off. They’d put the cards in the move in packages. My friend is also an interior decorator, and she can drop off her cards for that, too.

I’ll be selling all the lawn equipment so I don’t even have to worry about a lawn. What freedom. All these years of mowing acres of lawn. That’s all behind me, for now at any rate.

I’m going to invite the kids over whan  my oldest son is commissioned into the Army on the 8th. They can hang out in the theater on pool area. Big fun will be had by all. Thinking about it makes me hungry. That and it’s dinner time. I’ll eat and walk over to a meeting. All is good.

Take care, Beth

About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

2 Responses to Hello Twitter Folk!

  1. Bill S says:

    hey Beth,this is my first shot at being a twit, twittie? anyway your plan sounds very cool.my late mother was a graduate of the Yale School of Nurseing and taught same in Melrose Mass. for manny years.I wish you all the best. hey see ya. bill sonofanurse

    • Hello, Bill! Thanks for the comment. I know your mother was one smart lady to be a nurse, and a grad of Yale. I’m very imperssed. Have a good day, and I’ll see you later.

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