Time to schedule classes for summer.

I don’t get financial aid over the summer, so I can take classes I’ve taken before, like welding. And I can take classes I think all college folk should have like business. Neither of them get Pell assistance. So, my plan is this. Take welding and business classes, so I can stay in the game. I’ll pay for these classes on my own (Ouch), then take the classes in my degree path, like sociology, when I get them  paid for.

Welding is a very fun class. I’ve taken it before, but it’s been so, so long. It’ll feel good getting the leather and shield on again. I looked up my transcripts and it’s been 5 years since I’ve taken welding. I’m locked in, and good to go. Maybe I can pick up a little side job welding.

As for planing, I finally got the last assignments for A&P. He’s not very deadline driven, so a lot of course material is at the end of the course. I know it now, and that makes it a lot easier to aim for.

Now, for working. I need some little jobs for the summer and until I get into nursing. Some idea’s…dog walking at the new apt I’m moving into. Babysitting, night and or/ day. Speaking of sitting, dog sitting for people who are going on Va-cay for a period of time. What else, what else…  HA! I’ve got it. I can sell stuff I weld at the farmers market. Perfect. I have made some really cool stuff. Like a dragon weather vane for the top of my barn. I had to leave it when I moved. To bad, it was a very nice piece of art. Okay, I’ve got some things in mind. That’s a start.

Take care, all.


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Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

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