Phlebotomy and ECG

I’ve been in this class for a month now. I was scared to take it. My son has to give himself intervenous injections, and has for a long, long time. I swore since I did everything else, I would not do that. But now, as a person who wants to be a nurse, here I am learning all I can. I did not get picked up for the nursing program this time around, so I signed up for the most mentally challenging courses of my life. Algebra, chemistry, and statistics. Also I threw in a couple of fun ones. one I need for my degree, a health course, and one that looked like fun, a commercial art course. I plan to make Polish style posters for my home.

I got my other property rented, which is a very good thing. I turned it over to a property management place. That simplifies my life a great deal. Worth every bit of the 10%  I pay them. I listed it with them one day, and bam, I drove by the next day, and people were moving in. I saw the Cable guy there, which seemed really ambitious for squatters.

I’m still on target for my five-year plan. I gave myself two years to get into nursing, and when this semester is done, I’ll be at 18 months. I have some more classes towards my BSN. That’s all good. And I’m taking an interesting class this summer. It’s keeping my mind busy, and I’m seeing what phlebotomy is all about. I really wa nt to be able to do that well.

Take care, all.  Beth

About afiveyearplan
Making a five year plan to keep myself in line.

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