Respiratory therapist

I was in class the other night learning about lungs and what not. There was a Surgical Sam dummy on our table. One of tonight’s lessons was how to intubate a person. Most of the class want to be nurses, except the very smart girl who sits next to me and wants to be a doctor.

Anyway, let’s just say I was not very good at it. I was a little rough. Maybe we could even say the dummy allegedly lost his head over the incident.

 I hope I have another chance to practice, because getting the tube in the lungs, not the stomach will pass the test. The teacher wanted to know if anybody wanted to be a respiratory therapist. I thought about it for an instant, but since it not ever been one of my goals, I let it go. I’m flexible about my goals, and how to get them, but they are still my goals. Nursing it is, travel nursing, specifically, not  respiratory therapy. One of the kids in the class said, it might be good for a weekend job, but not the 40 hour a week job. I think he’s right. It never hurts to learn something new, of course, and I can learn it after my true goal.

The flu is running around my house at the moment. 4/4 are sick. I think the only one who is well is the cat. So we’re taking it easy, pushing fluids and mostly just chilling.

Take care, like we should have!


Everything is not always right away

I have a friend who says she wants to be somewhere without going.

 I would like to be a nurse without going to school.

I want to weigh 155 without walking and eating better.

Since I know that I have to act to make these happen, I decided to take small steps. I need to break down my goals. I need to document my intentions. I need to act on them in a timely manner.

I’m taking the A&P class I need to have. That’s a semester long class. I’ve added developmental psychology, which is one more class I need.  If I get into the nursing program next semester, all I’ll need is the nursing classes, since I will have taken the other classes that go along with the program.

I need to do well in the Teas test, and decide if the school I’ve chosen is the only school I’ll apply to. At first it was, since driving is an issue for me. Maybe it’s less of an issue than I thought. I’m a free woman. I can go to any school in the area that will take me.

Sometimes I forget how free I really am. I really can be flexible in attaining my goals. Maybe that’s one of the lessons I’m afraid to look at in the journey of mine. I want to have a rigid, well-ordered life. My life is more like quick silver. It takes some getting used to.

I’ve been slowly changing my eating patterns. That’s been a help. I’ve lost six pounds since Christmas. I eat like I did when I was young, before advertisers influenced what I should be eating. I’m eating out less. Which for me, is HUGE. I love to eat out. It’s easy, I don’t have to think, just choose what looks good, and pay. And pay, and pay!

Take care, my friends.