I’m getting better at studying.

I have more of my day worked out. I have better tools now. When I started school, I used pencils and spiral bound notebooks. That was it. I’m not mathematical, or really science intuitive. So I struggled a lot. I got my friend the smart pen. What a difference that’s making. I really need to hear the lectures again, at my pace. I did not know I’m a listening learner. I thought I was a visual, and kinetic learner. It turns out I’m all three. I absolutely need to hear, touch and see to learn. Hey, hey! That makes everything easier. I just needed to learn about myself to learn about everything else.

I copied down what I wanted to remember the first half hour, then I listened to the chapter on my PC for the next half hour. I made up some index cards to make a game for myself. Then I took a break. Wash rinse and repeat.

I picked up my truck from the mechanics. It need a new radiator. Two days ago it needed the injectors cleaned out. My walking was timely. I might be getting down to just one vehicle, and I don’t own that one. Walking it is. I think I’ll need to invest in long johns. I think about getting a pair every time I go for a walk. By the time I buy them, it’ll be June.

Take care, Beth


I’m trying to get a feel for what it’ll be like to go without a car. I live in a bit of a spread out area. I can still walk to where I need to go, for the most part, however. I walked to pick up my taxes yesterday. I walked there as fast as I could. I was afraid I’d be late. I still need to get a feel for how far things are by foot. My son reminded me I could take my bike. I have thought about the whole bike situation. I really don’t like the bike. It may sound funny, but I prefer to walk. The bike is windy to ride. I like the feel of the ground under my feet. I like to look at things as I walk by. I especially like the extra time it takes to think about whatever crosses my mind. biking takes too much concentration for me. So, walking it is. At least until I change my mind.

I have a big test on Thursday. I’ve got my study on, like my kids say. I downloaded a book into my kindle yesterday. Anatomy and physiology for dummies. I have found it very helpful so far. I have seven more books to buy and download into my kindle, and I have replaced everything I’m going to. All in my sweet little kindle. So easy to carry. So many books inside of it. Don’t get me wrong. I love books. I just don’t want to own anymore. I keep checking for downloadable textbooks. Then I’ll be free.

When I was a tot, going to school in the big city, I was learning how to write sentences. I was too shy to ask questions. the one I wanted to ask was do you use the last letter of the word before to start the next word? I.e. start alking. (start talking). I really wish I had asked it. All these years later when I make that error, I still think of first grade, and not asking what I need to know. Perhaps there is a lesson there.

Take care,