I was reading this morning some of the blogs that interest me. I always check out Umtemplater. People who march to their own drummer fascinate me. They are my kind! I’ve done a ton of different things throughout my life.  I wrote on the site today:

It used to be for me, that as soon as I had an idea, I went and did it. Whatever it was, tanning hides, quilt making, or making a strip built kayak. As soon as I mastered it, I never did it again. I dumped every bit of creative energy I had into these things as fast as I could. Like my talent would be taken from me. If you’re out there wondering, just do it. Don’t be afraid. you are going to make mistakes. So what? Just keep on. It’ll be frustrating, and crazy making, and then you’ll get it, and it will be smooth sailing. I didn’t think I’d ever get the hang of welding, then one day, I just did. I didn’t grow up in a place where any of the things I did were even around. I grew up in suburbia, and I started a farm. Anything is possible. Really.

It really is. I think of something now, and I attach goals to it. That way I don’t have half done things lying around as I pile more good ideas on top it. Now I do one creative thing AND MAKE A LIST of the new ones I think up. That way, I can still get to them all without overwhelming my self or my living space. My life is full of cool things. And plenty of space. I love space. And huge art. That might be the next thing. Although, I have been kicking around the idea of enameling miniature portraits. To learn enameling, I’d need to go to school. The the school is in NC, so I’m good there. And silver smithing. I like that idea, too.

So many ideas, and we all have time to do most of them. Get that list of goals going, pick out the most important one and get hot. In my case, literally.

Take care, and don’t worry. It really is all good.


Someday I’d like to live in a very small house, or perhaps a van.

I don’t have many things, and as you know, I want to travel. So I’m keep my stuff down to a minimum. I regularly read blogs where the writer has less than 100 things. I love a challenge like that. Other than 3 sets of clothes, my laptop, my smart pen, and my kindle, it’s all up for grabs. I have a truck, and that’ll be going soon. Maybe. I’ll still need access to a town nearby to go to school. I don’t need to shoot myself in the foot to have an arbitrary number of things.

 I read blogs on small houses. I love the look of the Tumbleweed houses.  The smaller the better, that’s how I feel. I like the 87 square foot house, but my favorite is the Weebee. It’s a compact 102 square feet. The site has homes up to 800 or so sq. feet, but I want a teeny tiny house.

I was thinking I can volunteer at Habitat for Humanity when it warms up. I can sharpen my skills before I jump into making a Tumbleweed of my own.

I’m not at a total loss on how to build a building. I’ve helped take down two airplane hangars at a small nearby airport for the use of the building materials. Then after the hangar take down, I helped to build a barn on my property. I don’t really want to build that large of a building again. But something small… I’m interested.

However, I’m also interested in van living. I can’t drive by this nearby car lot without craning my neck to look at the van. It’s nice looking, but can I fit a twin mattress in it? I’m going to have to stop by soon. Just to satisfy my curiosity.

Both these ways of living enthrall me. I look at my room, and I have way too much space for one person. That’s what happens when you pare down you possessions. You end up with a lot of space.

Take care, Beth

The Doe Network

The last couple of days, I’ve been reading the Doe Network. It’s all the people who have died with no name. I find the site fascinating. There are pictures of people who are listed only as Jane or John Doe at this point. They have no identification on them when they die. Sometimes it’s on purpose, as with some of the suicides. There are so many people on the site, from police stations all over, and no one seems to know who they are. Some of the crimes and suicides are old news, and some pretty current.

The authorities are led to a body left at a motel. A note may be left. In one case, it was signed “Jane Doe”. She didn’t check out, and the maid found her. Another suicide in a graveyard, by the newbaby graves. No ID that time either.

There are times of course when the identification is taken from the victim. Homicides that are unsolved are on the site. The reports give you all the infomation that’s avilable for the case. Sometimes the report will say if it’s a homicide, or foul play suspected.

Most of the cases have an artist who has tried to flesh out the face, so if anyone saw the picture, they might know who the person was. The artists have more than one way to capture the likeness. Drawing the face is one way.  It looks like some artists are using clay on the skull. It there is more than way way, all the ways the artists used are with the entry.

The site also describes all the clothing and anything else the dead person had with them, or was in the vicinity. Sometimes pictures are included of the items. The authorites seems to been doing all they can to help anyone visually identify these dead people.

The police departments includ a section on dental health and what teeth if any were with the body. If dental records are avilable, that’s added in, too. I find it interesting. Some of the victims have 20, 000 dollars with of dental care, and they are still unidentified. One woman had dental work that was so good the average dentist could not have done it. I found that of interest, too. I thought dentist were pretty much all the same. Maybe at my level they are.

 I’m up to index page twenty on the site, and I know I have more to go. I look at random entries. Not that I’m going to know anybody. But you never know. I think the draw for me is the sad fact that these people who had lives are dead and no one knows them. Maybe it speaks to a part of me who hopes I don’t die so lonely that I can’t even be identified.

Take care, Beth