I got my taxes done today.

I was all prepared for my preparer. I wasn’t sure if they’d be open, since the weather is on the iffy side, but all was well. The tax folks were all there. I told myself that if I got a refund, I’d get myself a kindle. I did, and I will. then I can get rid of more books, and enjoy space in my room. I love a lot of room.
Take care, all! Beth

I got a Smart Pen!

What fun these are. I know I mentioned that I was in school now. The woman that sits next to me in A&P II has one of these.  She sent me her notes for the day I was sick. The files she sent had written notes and audio. Amazing. I’m configuring my pen now. I hope all goes well with it because I have a test on Thursday in A&P.

 I’m still walking. I have not weighed in though.

Take care, Beth

New day

So, I make these vows, and then I get sick. But I’m back walking. Which is good, since I got a flat tire last night. It’s a little hard to tell, since I have low profile tires, but the truck was shaking, so I took a look. There it was, even flatter than usual.  I’ll be getting that fixed right away.

Take care y’all.


Goal number one plan

Okay, time to get serious. I looked up when I was going to die on death clock, and it’s twenty years earlier than it sould be due to weight alone. So here is what I’m doing. I went to dailyburn. com and I’m recording everything I eat, and all my exercise. I’ll weigh in on Sunday to see how I’m doing. I took a challenge to walk 100 miles. I didn’t say how long it would take me, so it’s been slow going. I vow that in the next 30 days, I will walk 100 miles. I vow that ffor the next 30 days I will follow dailyburn’s calorie count, and not go over the coult at all. It’s 1588 a day. I want to see results!

Take care, and go for a walk if you can. The weather is nice. Here anyway. 


Looking at these goals, 80/20 principles at work.

So, if I look at these 10 goals, only 20 percent of them are going to do mee the most good right now. The other 80 percent can either wait for a different time, or be taken off the list, or replaced altogether.

So, let me see. Right now good grades are important, since I want to get scholarship, and really learn the subjects I’m taking. I’m too old just to study for grades. I want to retain the things I’m learning. Ok, so my first goal will be the ‘A’s in class. I am enjoying the onlines, but I’m not sure how well I’m doing. I read everyday for one in each class. That has sufficed so far.

I can’t decide beteween learning phlbetomy, to earn some money, and possibly get in on ground level in hospital. I want to be a very good nurse, and being able to do  quick venipuncture, may be good for the people I want to treat.

Or, losing the weight that would help me be healthy, and maybe be smarter. I do want to live long enough to do this five year plan. You know, know that I think about it, I want to be a good example to the people who see my in daily life, and the people I’ll be treating. But I gained back 2 pounds of the weight I lost. Sheesh. I think I want to avoid this goal because it’s harder than the rest of the goals put together and is the best one for me to do. Okay, this may be goal number one. I really hate to admit that.

Take it easy.


My top 10 goals

I’ll be rewritting these frequently. Or not.

1. Get all ‘A’s in school. So far, I’ve kept up with the course work.

2. Lose 35 pounds by 12/31/2010.  Five pounds are already gone!

3. Keep up with this blog by writing at least 3 times a week.

4. Go to an AA convention in San Antonio Jul 1-4.   I already have the ticket to attend. I need to choose between the bus, train and flying there. Prices aprox. 180, 364, 450.  Time is money here.

5.  Spend three days  in New Orleans before I go to San Antonio. So that would be a multi city ticket, upping the price, buut not by much.

6. Study Fulton Sheens works.

7. Visit Thailand summer 2011.

8. Own a new Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor, sage in color, 2014.

9. Learn phlebotomy Feb.-May 2010, so I can be an excellent stick as a nurse.

10. Eat an avacado, shrimp and cheese omlet at the Magnolia Pancake House in San Antonio, Tx.

Hello, Friends

I’ve started this blog because I want to meet my goals and channel my life.  In a nutshell these are go to school, become an RN, work for two years in NC, then become a traveling nurse. I want to travel all over the US, spending 13 weeks at a time in each area. I never want to be cold agin. Also I want follow food festivals. So first things first. I’m in school now. Three classes online line and A&P 2 seated in class. This set of classes goes until 5/10/10. I’ll be taking the TEAS test in March, to try to get into the fall ADN program. All the classes I’m taking now are for my BSN.