My Kindle rocks!

I take walk’s in the morning to rev up my brain for studying. oh, I do a little studying before  go, But I save the big stuff for after the walk. I took my Kindle with me and listened to my A&P book. It’s a great review for the TEAS. What a nice thing to have. I feel like I’m covering all the bases I can, while living a minimalist life style, which is critical to me. If I can study better, it stays. That’s one of my motto’s.

Last night, I was surfing the net, trying to maximize my Kindle experience. I just knew I could do more with this device. And there sure is. I can go online with it, and I can get books and newspapers that are free, and not off the Amanzon web site. Very cool.

A wonderful thing about the Kindle is the amount of stuff I can hold in it. And I can get rid of old news, too. I downloaded Calibre to be able to get other books from other places besides Amazon. The freedom!  I feel it!

 I was called out last night. I have a plan B. But what I was reading told me to ditch the plan B, and put all my energy into plan A.  I can really see the wisdom in that. And what do you know? It has a certain minimal mind set to it. So I’m going to take some risks, and plow all my effort nto plan A. Which is work like a crazy woman to get into my class of choice, instead of registering for another college.

Back to studying…


11 more days until my TEAS test

I’m excited about taking it. I’m also nervous about taking it. This is the test that gets me into nursing school. I have some plan B’s, but thing will be a lot easier if I can get in near where I live. So today and for the next 10 days, I’ll be studying like a crazy person. I probably should have been right along. Live and learn, I sometimes say.

It’s such a beautiful day here today. The cat is at the door, looking out. She’s catching squirrels and birds in her hunter’s imagination. I wanted to sweep in my imagination, but it need it in real life so I did the sweeping before I go to school.

 I have a choice today. Go with my son to school in Havelock, 9:30-12:15, or with my daughter, 10:30-1:45 In New Bern, a nearby town. I think I may go with my son, so I can get busy sooner. And I know that library better, since I work there very part-time. My three goals for today are , work on my teas booklet for two hours, eat lunch, come back to the library and work on my A&P. We have a test on the respiratory system tomorrow night. I really need to get an A in that class, since I get more points towards my nursing program if I get an A. The library is open until 8 p.m., so I may go back tonight and hit the books some more.  It’s not forever, and it gets me where I want ot be. So, it’s all good.

Take care!


Trying different approaches to studying

I have an A&P class tonight, We are studying the respiratory system. Friday, I read one hour of the chapter in our textbook. Tough stuff. That gas exchange has a lot of chemistry components.

 Saturday, I reread some of the hard stuff, with no more understanding that than I had before. No problem.I then listened to my smart pen class lecture.  I have more familiarity with what I need to know.

 Sunday I listened to the respitory system from Anatomy and physiology for Dummies on my kindle. It does a good job explaining. Not really easier, just different.

Monday, I looked up pathology fo the respiratory system. Very interesting stuff. Did you know fungus can grow in the lungs? Me neither. I looked at the histology (cell sized) of lung tissue, and of regular sized pictures of diseased lungs.

 Today, I’ll draw the lungs and other aspects of the respiratory system. So when I go to class to-night, I’ll have the best possible idea of what  questions to ask my professor.

I want a good understanding of what I’m learning. I know it’s key to becoming a good nurse. Learning all I can, every way I can.

The weather is much better here today, and the post office is open, so I’m going to walk on over and mail my taxes. I need to get that going so I have money for you, know, stuff. Oh, wait, I try not to own too much stuff. Let’s just say, I’ll use the money for a little thing I like to call ‘mortgage’.

Take care!  Beth

Everything is not always right away

I have a friend who says she wants to be somewhere without going.

 I would like to be a nurse without going to school.

I want to weigh 155 without walking and eating better.

Since I know that I have to act to make these happen, I decided to take small steps. I need to break down my goals. I need to document my intentions. I need to act on them in a timely manner.

I’m taking the A&P class I need to have. That’s a semester long class. I’ve added developmental psychology, which is one more class I need.  If I get into the nursing program next semester, all I’ll need is the nursing classes, since I will have taken the other classes that go along with the program.

I need to do well in the Teas test, and decide if the school I’ve chosen is the only school I’ll apply to. At first it was, since driving is an issue for me. Maybe it’s less of an issue than I thought. I’m a free woman. I can go to any school in the area that will take me.

Sometimes I forget how free I really am. I really can be flexible in attaining my goals. Maybe that’s one of the lessons I’m afraid to look at in the journey of mine. I want to have a rigid, well-ordered life. My life is more like quick silver. It takes some getting used to.

I’ve been slowly changing my eating patterns. That’s been a help. I’ve lost six pounds since Christmas. I eat like I did when I was young, before advertisers influenced what I should be eating. I’m eating out less. Which for me, is HUGE. I love to eat out. It’s easy, I don’t have to think, just choose what looks good, and pay. And pay, and pay!

Take care, my friends.


This week’s goal. Learn grammar.

This is a mini goal. Since my biggest goal of all is to become a nurse, this supports that achievement. I need to pass the TEAS test with a high enough score to get into nursing school. So this week, I’ll study two hours a day for my TEAS test. I’m taking the test on March 11th. During the month of Feb. I’m attending a 12 hour work shop for TEAS review. I have the book, and more handouts. I googled the 100 most misspelled words. So, I’ll study English this week.